The Church Planting Train Station is a church planter intern training centre. It has been designed to get people ready to plant churches. Churches that reach the hard-to-reach people in the hard-to-reach-places. Veteran church planter, Peyton Jones (The author-of 'Church Zero' and co-host of the 'Church Planter Podcast') will lead the team in equipping tomorrow’s leaders to meet the challenges of planting churches that will survive in the future.

In Planting Missional Churches Ed Stetzer demonstrated that 70% of churches fail. The failures of the majority of churches are not due to lack of funding, but lack of mentorship and training.

The majority of networks are funding plants without training the planters. When the funds run out after one or two years, planters are not any more competent in regards to church planting, and thus risk failure. Unless a clear system of training with scalable learning tracks to suit the individual training capacity of individual planters is implemented, planters will not be adequately equipped. Simply put, they will lack the benefit of training/mentorship that Timothy, Titus, Silas, and others received to ensure their success. 

Establishing the combination of uniformity of a defined curriculum with varied, yet clear learning tracks that take into account a planters’ availability (full-time, part-time, and bi-vocational planters) will ensure that no planter lacks the training and mentorship they need to succeed.

The Church Planting Train Station will provide a clear training track that focuses on education and mentorship utilizing top quality education and hands-on training for church planters in a church planting context to ensure that church planters reach their greatest potential.


The train station training can be boarded full-time or part-time.

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